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As numerous individuals, I appreciate pireps from those of you with exposure to shops you have (good or bad) and love to spread my experience for your deliberation over others also. After a so-so experience within a recent avionics install, I ran across myself searching for an alternate avenue for your installing of a brand new transponder for ADS-B compliance. I called two local shops first. The expense of one was high that I actually busted out laughing on the phone just as if I were in a comedy bar. He was apparently significantly less amused while i. I was telling the storyplot of my local quote to a friend at the airport and that he recommended i call John Stark at Stark Avionics for the quote. In doing my research before calling John, I browsed Mooneyspace and BT for pireps about the shop. In this, I ran across a totally terrible pirep on Stark Avionics. (Search in BT if you want to see it). This pirep caused me serious concern about whether or not to call Stark for a quote.

I posted an overall query for suggestions about an avionics shop and received another recommendation for Stark from another MSer (Oldguy). He and i also spoke in reference to his knowledge of Stark i thought we would give John a call using the two recommendations I coming from trusted sources. I was open with John regarding my concerns amongst the negative pirep on MS cheap I was gun shy depending on the previous experience. As they always say, there are two sides to every single story and John took his time and energy to explain his side if you ask me at all like me certain are experts in happy to employ other people who wishes to phone him constantly in that way. Our conversation shifted from your pirep to pricing. John and that i discussed different equipment options, what might are perfect for my needs/wants and also the flat rate installed price for each and every option. We ultimately decided to install the Stratus ESGi for ADS-B in/out. John quoted me a soft price, but was up front that the number could be slightly higher if your tray was riveted in (numerous Mooneys are). I went along to the airport that night, took pictures and confirmed that my trays were along with screws and forwarded those pictures to John. John responded in an exceedingly timely manner and confirmed the flat rate price for your equipment and install in some recoverable format so we scheduled the install date and pickup date. The plane ended up being be delivered the Sunday after Thanksgiving. John said he'd have all the feaures ready by Tuesday, on the other hand opted to schedule the pickup for Wednesday in case there were some snags along the way.

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